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The Beijing Design Fair: More than just design

MG2663MODThe Beijing Design Fair, one of China’s biggest international exhibitions, each year invites a conglomerate of nations to attend and of course exhibit. Since 2011 the Beijing Design Fair has hosted a different country as the Guest city. What this means is that the city of choice is awarded more floor space at the Beijing Design Fair and is allowed to showcase their design concepts on a grander scale than the rest of the attendees. This year will see Amsterdam as the guest city and the aim of this decision, other than the exposure of Dutch design is also one of a cultural learning experience. Ideas will be exchanged and ties will be established. It is also the first year the online casino industry will be showcasing it’s design and marketing ideas to the public. This is ultimately one of the biggest goals of the Beijing Design Fair – a sharing of ideas and the building of relationships through the concepts of design.

The announcement of Amsterdam as the guest city at 2013’s Beijing Design Fair was made known on the 10th of April. The fair is hosted at various locations within Beijing and is not solely based around ideas about design, but is also geared towards opening dialogue and allowing an exchange of ideas between people from all walks of life. The Beijing Design Fair will thus host debates and other activities and will not just be limited to the sphere of design.

The-cola-bow-installation-by-Penda-at-Student-Beijing-Design-ExhibitionOne of the major reasons for the selection of Amsterdam as guest city at this year’s Beijing Design Fair has to do with the fact that friendly relations have existed between China and Amsterdam since 1985. It appears to be a relationship of mutual symbioses – China has acquired certain companies from the Dutch and both countries have collaborated and continue to do so on issues around water management, waste processing and monument conservation. Creative and art industries also form part of this collaboration.

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